Social Development Infrastructure

NATIONAL - South Africa

Anthrop Architects in collaboration with Earthkind Consultants were appointed by the Department of Social Development of South Africa to develop the latest version of the National Norms and Standards for Social Infrastructure Delivery.

These Norms and Standards provide guidance on interventions surrounding the sustainability of new infrastructure. In order to ensure that there is uniformity within the DSD sector, the Department developed National Norms and Standards for Social Infrastructure Delivery for each facility type in order to ensure that any new building would be built according to a standard.


Improving the design of new infrastructure within the Department’s portfolio, requires all new developments to have a high standard of design. Well-designed buildings have a significant impact on the overall quality of the lives of people that use these facilities on a daily basis. Well-designed buildings not only look impressive, but makes practical and economic sense as well.


Herewith a list of facility types which forms part of the National Norms and Standards:

Children’s Home   ●   Cluster Foster Home   ●   Secure Care Centre   ●   School of Industry   ●   Reform School   ●   Early Childhood Development Centre   ●   Shelter for Street Children   ●   Youth Development Centre   ●   Community Food Nutrition and Development Centre   ●   Provincial Food Distribution Centre   ●   One Stop Development Centre   ●   Substance Dependency Treatment Centre   ●   Halfway House   ●   Service Office   ●   Residential Facility for the Elderly   ●   Community Support & Care Centre for the Elderly   ●   Protective Workshop for People with Disabilities   ●   Shelters for victims of crime and abuse   ●   One Stop Victim Empowerment Programme Centre


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