Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate, Kempton Park



The client, although at the time already a resident in Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate, acquired a much larger stand with magnificent views over the open veld and the occasional grazing buck in the most northern part of the estate development.

Being well informed due to their previous building projects, the du Plooy family approached Anthrop to develop their brief which was fairly short and to the point. Maximize the beautiful northern views within a contemporary design in a practical but yet daring and architecturally playful & creative way.


The initial concept proposal presented the idea of an upside down program with the entire living space being moved to the first floor in an attempt to form what can be perceived as a long open plan “viewing deck” over the open veld to the north.

The client embraced the concept straight away which made the design development process much easier. What followed was a first floor concrete and masonry “box” tilted to face directly north in order to optimize solar control. The “box” spills out onto a steel and timber covered pergola, of which the floor also provides solar shading to the very linear ground floor bedroom wing laid out perpendicular to the longer stand boundary facing the road.


The upside down planning dynamic lead to the introduction of a secret loft room for the client’s young daughter and a large wine cellar and craft beer brewery area underneath the kitchen with a “secret passage” leading you down into what feels to be a deep and dark underground basement.The first floor patio, links with the pool deck area via a dramatic spiral staircase showcasing the opportunities of architectural drama that’s created with upside down living, similarly to the effect created with the wine cellar & bedroom loft.


Sweeping structural curves and cutouts together with soft and hard, cold and warm materials attempts to connect the dwelling to the landscape through careful elemental composition and material co-ordination as a complete dwelling envelope that responds to the climate and its surroundings.

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