Community HEALTHCARE CentreS

Various Countries - Southern Africa, Eastern Africa, and the Middle-East

As part of the UN Millennium Development Goals, the client is running a quality improvement program as part of their Sustainable Development Goals that forms part of an initiative for the development of rural healthcare solutions. The project aims to provide an infrastructure to facilitate remote & mobile diagnosis in rural areas in Africa and the Middle-East. The design, installation, training & maintenance of an infrastructure to transfer diagnostic information between healthcare workers and diagnostic centres to enable remote diagnosis and treatment advise.


The project is expected to have a wide impact on the accessibility of services; a positive effect on the position of children and women by focusing on maternity and paediatric services; and generate additional long-term employment for all included hospitals and will have an impact on various adjacent economic sectors.

The main objectives of these facilities are thus to provide access to quality health care services to reduce maternal & child mortality and morbidity, up & running infrastructures and trained staff.


The proposed primary healthcare facilities will be constructed with the use of modular technology. The parts/building elements will be manufactured off-site and assembled on site with a pre-defined construction team, as well as with the use of some local labour & materials. The facility will be connected to local infrastructure, i.e. water supply, electricity, and sewage disposal, OR it can easily be modified into a facility that will be self-sufficient in terms of electricity generation, sewage disposal,  and limited water supply. This will enable the unit to be located within the perimeter of the urban area, and/or will be located just outside the fringes of the urban area in a more rural setting.


These Community Healthcare Centres will not only be a beacon for the community’s health & well-being, it will also educate the people in principles of sustainability by a lead-by-example approach to empower future generation to come.

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